Unlocking Your Sensual Spark.



You may be reserved and are starting to think that your sensuality will never be unlocked this lifetime. 

You may think that only those lighthearted smooth-talkers get to live their fantasies, not private introverted people, like yourself.

Luckily you found this page and it is not too late! I am here to show you how to turn heads, without trying. Would you like to know what true confidence feels like?

You don’t need to change who you are in order to be sensually expressed


And that is exactly why working with the chakras is so important. 

Whether you are an individual preparing for partnership, or a couple still waiting for sensual bliss, with the help of the chakras, you can systematically uncover your unique inherent power.  

Unlike other approaches, which may only focus on extroverted sex, with “Intimacy Through The Chakras,” you have the opportunity to unlock whole parts of yourself and develop magnetism, while privately developing your sensual persona.

In addition you will learn techniques to initiate and fulfill intimacy with another; in a safe, informative, and private environment that acknowledges your intelligence and maturity AND you will gain access to powerful spiritual practices that will change your life forever. 

Think about it, It is the holistic sexuality education you never got. 


7 Weeks To Sexual Body Bliss

With Amanda Metta (me!) as your Spiritual-Sensuality Advisor, this program will help you unlock your sensual power, be confident in your body and sexual skill, with masterful methods of tantric breathwork, premium sexuality education, ancient energetic healing practices, proven communication techniques, guided meditations and lots of exploration and fun! This is a complete sensuality make-over. Learn to kiss, touch, talk, feel, give, receive and explore!

Intro. Your Personal Sexuality Mantra

  • Define Your Core Desires and know what is right for you.
  • Create a Personal Mantra to empower yourself throughout the course.

Chakra. 1:Your Root Story, Safety and Beliefs.

  • Transform old beliefs.
  • Have the sense of sexual SAFETY to commit or re-commit to a relationship.
  • Ignite the sexy breath-body connection.

Chakra 2: The Anatomy Of Pleasure

  • Develop a Sensual Skillset to have the confidence and connection you deserve.
  • Turn your Sexual Energy on at will.
  • The secrets of anatomy and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Shift from thinking to feeling and knowing what you desire.

Chakra 3: Personal Power

  • Release stuck trauma.
  • Replace Body-Shame with Body-Love
  • Have the CONFIDENCE to have the intimacy you always wanted.
  • Be Confident, Optimistic, and Comfortable in your own skin.
  • Practice the Khoi-San-inspired TremorTranceDance to really move that energy up in your body on a path to bliss.

Chakra 4 Heart-Centered Magnetism

  • Know how to be Charismatic and Magnetic.
  • Switch between thinking you are VISIBLE and actually being VISIBLE.
  • Be the MAN whose natural energy women are drawn to.
  • Masculine and Feminine.
  • Taoist energetic practice of the Microcosmic Orbit.

Chakra 5: Communication

  • Communication skills from the Boardroom to the Bedroom!
  • Be the most interesting person in the room.
  • How to give/ask for what you want in bed... and get it with pleasure.
  • Initiate the feminine and the masculine way.
  • Communicate from your empowered MASCULINE/FEMININE.
  • Post-sex bonding.

Chakra 6: Sexual Intuition

  • Embody a natural VIBRATION OF ATTRACTION.


"I wanted to learn how how to manage some long-held frustrations and contacted Amanda for insight. Amanda suggested for my wife join us and we fully committed to 7 sessions. What I found most interesting was how long past events still influence me today. I feel a lot lighter now and more at ease. I really enjoyed working with Amanda and got so much more out of it than what I originally I signed up for."

- Gaurav (Lawyer)

"I thought that I was already an open person before I started my coaching. I was surprised how much more of myself I discovered and how much more I now want to know. My relationship with my husband is much better now. We laugh more and our communication is easier."

- S. (Scientist)

"After my husband passed away, I wanted to take control back over my life. I signed up for 7 weeks of coaching. I learned more about my body and how to be confident in it than any of my modeling classes ever taught me!"

- Lize (Health Coach)

Meet Amanda.

My name is Amanda, Spiritual-Sensuality Advisor. I have been in the healing arts professionally for eighteen years. People who work with me say they feel deeply listened to and understood.

I help people unlock their innate sensual power through a series of breathing & movement practices, belief work, chakra healing, and holistic sexuality education. Let me help you reclaim self-authority, confidence, and self-esteem

My Story:

Some years ago I met the love of my life and was blessed with good sex for the rest of my life... only, it didn't work out that way.

I sunk into a deep depression and none of the spiritual work I had done up until then was of any use. I needed something else, so I signed up for a Tantra course and religiously started to practice prescribed breathing routines.

Suddenly, all the work I had done before came to life. I regained my trust in life again. I restored my natural happiness and took responsibility for my sexual fulfillment.


I no longer had to look for the perfect lover to fulfill me - usually, they are not the kind to commit anyway (I learned the hard way.)

On top of that, the introverted, private Amanda, (me) even started receiving recognition for her natural charisma!

Since upleveling my credentials to include "Sexologist", I've dedicated my life to help others receive the gems of guidance that will help them be confident, empowered, and fulfilled.

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