Amanda Metaphysical Counselor 

Energetic Healing, Chakra Balancing, Meditation 

Amanda is a gifted, multidisciplinary healer with 17 year’s professional experience in the healing arts. Living in Sedona, AZ, the metaphysical Mecca of the USA, practicing Intuitive Energetic Healing and Metaphysical Counseling. Bringing a higher perspective and love to all her sessions, she helps people overcome physical and emotional dis-ease to restore lightness and a sense of connection in their lives. Amanda has had an interest in the internal healing arts since she can remember. After following the lifestyle of a Buddhist nun for a year, she decided to use her skills for the benefit of others. As a lifelong student, Amanda is a Certified Reiki Master, Craniosacral Therapist, ThetaHealer, and Intuitive Coach, with further training in multiple modalities including Hypnosis, Clairvoyance, Myo-Fascia Release, Inner Child, Regression, Therapeutic Imagery, Focusing, Meditation & Yoga. 

Core Energetic Healing

Replace the difficult emotions and mental strain in your life with lightness, clarity, and ease. Amanda’s skill and compassionate approach to Metaphysical Counseling is rooted in the masterful ThetaHealing Method which will help you release negativity and replace it with optimism, lightness, and clarity, gained from a highly spiritual perspective. Connect with the higher aspect of yourself and experience the vibrations of pure love. How would your life be better if you could transform just that one, nagging issue today? 

Chakra Reading and Balancing  

Amanda’s sharp intuitive skills will guide you through the energetic imprint of your major energy centers. There are seven major energy centers, which are all associated with different areas of your physical and emotional body. Imbalance in any one chakra will have effects on all the other chakras. With the nurturing touch of her hands, Amanda will use powerful techniques of energetic transformation, use tuning forks, and Tibetan singing bowls during the Chakra Balancing. Drift off into the colorful experience of a guided energetic cleansing experience. 

CranioSacral Therapy

Receive the messages of your body, while receiving the subtle, and profoundly transformative adjustments of this technique. Through observing the deep pulse of the production of cerebrospinal fluid, Amanda will guide your body into a most deeply relaxed state of equanimity, while facilitating deep energetic and structural alignment. Release the lingering effects of physical injury or emotional scars from you tissues of your body. 

Guided Breathing & Meditation 

Private | Individual

Group l Class

Be guided to the wisdom of your inner stillness. When the practice of meditation establishes calm stability and confidence as the basis of a person’s life, it brings a touch of magic to every other aspect. Make use of this very special opportunity to be guided by an experienced practitioner to strengthen your connection with purpose. Discover some life-changing breathing and focusing techniques with Amanda, or improve an already established practice. 

Find Your Life Mission Mantra

Do you feel like you have too many decisions to make? Are you torn between being realistic and following your heart, and can it all be just a little too overwhelming at times? Do you wish you had a constant reminder of who you are and what you stand for? Join me in this super fun and transformative process to uncover your truth and step right back into your purpose and identity. We'll talk about what's up for you, discover your main values, and formulate a personal mantra that you can put on your fridge, wallet, or bathroom mirror to remind yourself who you truly are. 

Inner Child Healing

Join me on a guided journey to the younger parts of yourself and restore the love you deserve. Much of our patterns as adults stem from behaviors formed at a very young age. Through healing the child within, long-held needs can be met, so that you can move through the restrictions that are holding you back from your happiness and fulfillment.

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