Re-Membering YOU.

Unlocking the YOU, you've always been!

Have recent events left you feeling Confused, Uncertain, and Anxious?

You may have started to think that the true you don't exist and that being the foggy, half-certain, okay-ish with things person, is who you will be forevermore.

Let me tell you this, traumatic events can take a temporary hold on us, making us think that whole parts of ourselves have gone missing, are no more, and will forever stay a bitter-sweet memory of the past.



However, not taking action in finding your way back to YOU, may result in a surrender of your personal power, and this is NOT the way for you.

You are meant to be HAPPY. You are meant to experience EXCITEMENT, OPTIMISM and CURIOSITY.

And now, you are nearly ONE step closer to it.

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4 Weeks to YOU!






Week 1: Your Value Mantra

What does success mean to you? Studies have found that those whose daily activities match their core values. Do you know what they are?

Are you living according to your own set of ideals? Or have you adapted to what's expected of you, what keeps the peace, what's accessible!

Let's unpack what's up for you and keep only the essentials to be your best you.

Ahhhh, relief. Did you ever imagine how good it can feel to simply uncover the real you.


Week 2 : Chakra Reading & Aura Clearing

This week it is time to let the magic in! Uncovering the layers of the energetic body and healing the unseen, will leave you feeling validated, seen, and understood.


Week 3: Less Or More

Soul Growth is where it is at!

How are your beliefs holding you back from having what you want? How did they get there and why would your soul decide to lay them on your path?

What are you hoping to let go of, in order to have more of what you want?

Making use of the meditative technique of ThetaHealing, your subconscious patterns will be lit with new meaning, insight, and value.


Week 4: Self-Appreciation Ceremony

Let's celebrate how far you have come in life by honoring all the stages in your life.

Meet the young you through a guided inner journey and discover the joy of discovering the highlights of your unique soul.


Meet Amanda.

I'm a holistic intuitive healer who specializes in helping people unlock the path of their souls.

It is my calling to Help people Transform their

Physical and Emotional dis-ease for 

Soul Growth and Renewed Zest for Life.

After spending nearly two decades professionally in the wellness industry, and thousands of hours in silent meditation, I have learned how these two worlds meet, which allows me to guide you to a deeper connection with who you are.


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