Hey There , I’m Amanda Metta


I am passionate about co-creating change. Let's work together to achieve powerful somatic release and empowering vibrational shifts !


It is known that we create our subconscious programming during the first seven years of our lives. We spend the rest of our lives living the same old patterns.

But what if, you can have a fresh start on a clean slate?

Through Somatic Energy Empowerment, a compassionate, healing approach, we access the deep layers of your being through intuitive inquiry, therapeutic imagery and inner child healing. This is work for the Soul.

I channel Ancestral Wisdom through my indigenous South Africa inheritance of Griqua Khoi-Khoi lineage, as well as high Spiritual Guidance from sacred cultivation over the past 25 years, creating a new vibrational foundation for you to live by.

Unlike other approaches, this experience combines an Energetic Cleanse, Emotional Healing, and Spiritual Empowerment all in one, leaving you feeling Light, Calm, and Clear.

We are Co-Creating this Collective Upleveling of Consciousness. You have opportunity to make a difference to all of humanity, by creating change in yourself. Let's do it.


“Meditation Matters” will take you on a journey through Africa through the lens of Insight Mediation.


Find out which of the Spiritual Healer Archetypes you are.

Ready To Uplevel Your Vibrational Set Point?


Choose Your Path

Somatic Energy Healing & Transformation

1-1 Sessions Online

Every body tells a story. Let's uncover the Root Cause of your most pressing concerns, and release long-held stagnant energy through Intuitive Inquiry and tried and tested Somatic Energy Healing Techniques.

Let's create space and ease throughout your physical energetic and spiritual body.

  • Physical pains & Ailments
  • Narcissism Recovery
  • Sexual Blocks
  • Expression
  • And so much more.

Enquire about In-Person Channeled Bodywork & CranioSacral Therapy.

Intuitive Development

1-1 Classes Online

Embark on a journey to develop your intuitive gifts, with 1-1 guidance.

Learn how to:

  • Give intuitive readings to others Make decisions based on Intuition, and help others to do so too.
  • Read an Aura.
  • Witness entities.
  • Powerful Energetic Cleansing Practices.
  • Rebirthing Ceremonies
  • Become a Somatic Empath

Enquire about In-Person Group Healing, and CEU classes.

Sensual Liberation

1-1 Sessions Online

Pelvic Wellness ... and all things related, because what happens in your Pelvis, happens in your Life.

Reconnect. awaken and align through movement, healing, breathing & more .

  • Rediscover Your Values.
  • Tantrik breath
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Sacral Chakra Wellness
  • Pelvic - Throat Connection
  • Your Core Desire
  • Dissolve Hidden Trauma
  • Give Your Body Voice & Choice
  • KiaTremorTrance

Enquire about In-Person De-Armoring and Bodywork.

Learn about my personal story here.


Meet Amanda.

Step into a transformative journey with Amanda, an Intuitive Healer and Holistic Educator, with over 20 years of professional experience in Alternative Wellness.

She brings a unique blend of intuitive wisdom and healing modalities to guide you on a profound exploration of self-discovery and empowerment.

Incorporating her inherited intuitive abilities and extensive training both Eastern and Western Esoteric Schools, she creates a safe space for you to delve into the depths of your being.

As a RYT500 Tantra Yoga Guide, Certified CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Sexologist and practitioner of hypnotherapy, her multi-disciplinary approach stems from a genuine interest and continued search deeper exploration of consciousness.

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